Going hand in hand with our belief that we can create responsibly made beautiful& desirable products, we are constantly on the look out for accessible options from suppliers.

Our design team devotes time into researching, finding and sourcing sustainable fabrics and the newest manufacturing methods which guarantees a relation with trust-worthy certified providers. Through the combination of traditionally soughed products, innovation and science we are able to take many exciting steps towards a better future with an industry of suppliers that pay attention to the new demands.

As a cruelty-free company we only use faux fur and vegan leather throughout our outerwear and garments.


Organic Cotton

We make a variety of pieces using certified organic recycled cotton which assures it is grown free of toxic chemicals or GMOs limiting harm on the surrounding habitats involved. All of our organic cotton providers are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS), Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Recycle Standard(GRS) and Recycle Claim Standard (RCS).


In most of our wool based pieces, our composition is made of Organic Eco-wool which guarantees a reduced harm to the environment. It is a wool that has not been subjected to harsh toxic chemicals during the carbonization process which is used in most of today’s wool production.


Our puffer coats provide the desired soft and puffed up appearance while being solely filled with bead fibres, providing an ethical alternative to feathers.


Dead-stock Fabrics:

Over the last years, we have started using our dead-stock fabrics to create different products such as accessories, which allows to lower our waste and environmental footprint.


We use recyclable cardboard packaging with every order sent out as an attempt to diminish waste,pollution and guarantee a safe return to the environment.

Part of our philosophy being our attention to detail, similarly we aim to do make sure our details are in accordance with our vision. In many of our recent creations, we have implemented the use of organic dye.
We find there is something so stunning and exciting about using natural products like agricultural waste to recreate desired colours.

An additional step into integrating nature into fashion.

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