Our goals and commitments are to continue making steps towards a better sustainable future. To help us achieve this, we continuously seek partnerships with organizations and suppliers with the same vision as ours

Our Manufacturer& Suppliers:

We work at a close proximity to our production facility assuring us that they constantly meet our work ethics and values for which they are audited yearly.
This audit being aligned with the EU legislation standards.
In addition, we are able to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum by having our atelier and warehouse within 1 KM of the manufacturing factory.

As for our suppliers, they are carefully picked and required to be certified by widely known and recognized associations to guarantee they meet world-wide approved standards.
This allows us to be more transparent and make sure we are following our ethical standards.

Our Commitment To Forests:

Following the recent fires in Turkey, we collaborated with the TEMA Vakfi in August 2021 and committed to donating all of our online sales made throughout the first week of
August towards replanting a variety of trees with hopes of restoring the affected areas.

Moving forward, we continue to search for more opportunities to give back and grow within the conversation of fashion's harm on our ecosystems.
We understand we must be a part of the change and vow to commit to doing so via different global organizations.

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